Desiree Lenahan, age 30, went missing from Germantown, MD on April 24, 1989.

This case is bizarre.   According to NamUs, Desiree was reported missing when she failed to show up for work at Remax, at 6 Montgomery Village Ave, Gaithersburg, MD.  Remax is a large real estate chain.

Her car, a 1985 beige Hyundai 2 door, disappeared with her.

Her live-in boyfriend said that Desiree had left a note, stating that she had been stealing money from her employer, and was leaving, “with no mention of a destination, she loved him, goodbye.”

Searching through newspapers brought no mention of Desiree, or of her disappearance.

A search of county records indicated that a judgment was entered against her for a minor unpaid tax bill, but there is no sign of a criminal record.   There is an item from 1992 (3 years after her disappearance) which appears to be her family petitioning for guardianship of her estate, as she did own property.

I also found it odd that the profile only states what her boyfriend said – not that I have any reason to suspect her boyfriend of any wrongdoing, but did law enforcement actually see the note, or confirm whether Remax had indeed found that they were victims of theft?

Twenty-five years later, where is her 1985 Hyundai?  Has it been sold, impounded, or junked?   Did she leave the country, never to contact her boyfriend, friends, or family again?   Did she leave, only to have something happen to her later?   Did she never leave voluntarily?   Was she classified as a fugitive, thus, her loved ones knowing but not wanting to tell authorities where she was?

Anything is possible with the little information available – but I wanted to get her name and face out there, since there seems to be no coverage of this case whatsoever.

Come home soon, Desiree.



Maryland Court Records

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