This section will cover New Jersey through Pennsylvania.  If you have, or are able to locate any photos of these missing ladies, please help them by submitting them to the contact affiliated with their case.  Thank you!

New Jersey:

Russo, Nicole – 3/12/1995 – Brick, NJ – Age 16

Nicole was last seen when she left to visit her boyfriend and his family.  Her boyfriend has been charged with her murder.  More info here.

Konadu, Amma – 9/20/1997 – Englewood, NJ – Age 21-25

No details available.

New Mexico:

Lucero, O’Dina Jeannette – 8/10/1979 – Roswell, NM – Age 18

Went to a convenience store and never returned.

Reynolds, Edna Luella – 4/7/1982 – Albuquerque, NM – Age 62

Mrs. Reynolds may have driven to Santa Rosa, NM then back toward Albuquerque, NM, since her car was found on a road near Willard, NM in October 1982. Two years later hunters found her purse about 1 mile from where her car was found

Montoya, Melissa Ann – 3/16/2001 – Dulce, NM – Age 33

Last seen at a St. Patrick’s Day party at Apache House of Liquor.

Lucher, Martha Jo – 9/3/2003 – Albuquerque, NM – Age 32

She visited her mother and children on 9/03/03. Sometime within the weeks to follow, Martha was with a friend. The two were coming and going from the street corner, when Martha never returned.

Sheeley, Susan – 9/28/2003 – Las Cruces, NM – Age 46

Susan was a transient living with her boyfriend in a motor home registered in Pennsylvania and parked in Las Cruces, NM. He was admitted to a hospital and called the Police Department and requested a “welfare check” done on his motor home and girlfriend. The motor home was located, but she has not been found. The boyfriend passed away on September 6, 2007, in Pennsylvania.

Lopez-Villela, Mayra – 2/26/2005 – Las Cruces, NM – Age 16

No details available.

Flores, Selfa – 10/11/2005 – Des Montes, NM – Age 14

No details available.

New York:

Winget, Frieda – 10/19/1944 – Bronx, NY – Age 15 (Missing Person report in progress)

disappeared on her way home from school in the Bronx. She frequently stopped at a Chinease laundromat near her home and chatted with the two owners. A day after questioning the two men, one of the men fled.

Stevens, Florence G – 8/3/1975 – Monticello, NY – Age 36

No details available.

Hull, Sophie – 5/19/1978 – Fleischmanns, NY – Age 76

Sophie may have been unable to identify herself.

Linder, Bessie – 10/31/1979 – New York, NY – Age 70

Last seen at First National Bank, 123 E. 86th St, New York, NY

Eng, Yim L – 10/2/1983 – Hurley, NY – Age 43

Yim Eng was the victim of a kidnapping and was never released.

Westbrook, Rosa Roberta – 8/12/1985 – Buffalo, NY – Age 32

No details available.

Rizzo, Isabel – 11/23/1987 – New Rochelle, NY – Age 34

Husband reports coming home at 2:30 AM 11/23/87 and finding his infant daughter in her crib and his wife missing. The victims car was found burned at the Baychester Avenue entrance to I95 North on 12/10/87.  Her husband was arrested for an unrelated murder in 2005.  More info here
Last seen at Red Roof Inn, Hamburg, NY
Last seen at her residence, and was five months pregnant.
Last seen in a shelter.
Subject contacted her residence on 10/29/1994 stating that she was in Manhattan, Her van was recovered on 33rd Street in Manhattan.
Sarah was last seen house-sitting with a friend at her family home.  She and her friend are believed to have been killed by a man.  More info here  and here.
Subject last made contact to family member from an unknown location via phone.
Left for work, but never arrived.
North Carolina:
Told her mother that she would be “right back” when she left home in her blue Dodge car. Patterson said the car was later found abandoned in Lumberton.
Stephanie Lewis told others that she was going to try to find a ride to Virginia after she left work at the Days Inn, where she was last seen.
Ruth was a hat model for a department store in the 1920’s.  Her family last heard from her by letter in 1927, and statements in her letter insinuate that she may have been pregnant at the time.  *Currently no police report, am listing as a courtesy, as her niece does not even have a photo of her.

Last seen when a car needed a push to get it started.

Phillips, Paula – 10/7/1991 – Tulsa, OK – Age 26

Left her apartment at 1900 hours on 10-03-1991 stating she was going to the store. She was never seen again. Victim had stated she wanted to commit suicide to family members.  She may be with her sister, Londa.

Curtis, Regina Marie – 5/15/2000 – Oklahoma City, OK – Age 16

She left the home in order to make a telephone call and never returned.


Harrington, Helen Leslie – 1/1/1974 – Eugene, OR – Age 26-27

Helen was last seen entering a halfway house in Eugene sometime in 1974. It is believed she was entering the halfway house for mental health issues.

Morrison, Martha Marie – 9/1/1974 – Portland, OR – Age 17

Moved to Portland, OR with an unknown male and visited family in the Eugene area. Had a disagreement with the male and hasn’t been heard from since.

Ringo, Virginia Lee – 2/5/1982 – Eugene, OR – Age 55

Left home without taking any personal belongings.

Meyers, Kathleen Susan – 6/1/1986 – Eugene, OR – Age 27

No details available.

Hitson, Laura Lucille – 9/25/1994 – Eugene, OR – Age 34

Was being transported to Sacred Heart ER when she bolted.


Stalker, Doris Jean – 11/28/1983 – Emlenton, PA – Age 54

Doris and her husband had reportedly driven to a pharmacy in Mariasville to have a prescription filled, but found that the pharmacy was closed.  They then rode over to the Super Duper Market in Emlenton.  Doris waited in the car while her husband went into the store.  He said he was only gone for 6-7 minutes, but when he returned to the car, the passenger door was open and Doris was gone.  Her purse remained in the car.

McBride, Kelly – 2/18/1984 – Northhampton Borough, PA – Age 21

Last seen at a party at her home.  Her husband told relatives that Kelly had left him for another man, however there was evidence in the home that she had been murdered.  Kelly’s husband was convicted of her murder 17 years later, but her remains have not been found.

Covington, Ernestine – 5/16/1986 – Philadelphia, PA – Age 33

Ernestine was last seen at approximately 2:30am at a restaurant in the vicinity of 49th and Baltimore in Philadelphia, PA. Her vehicle, described as a blue 1986 Chevrolet Cavalier, was later located abandoned on December 2, 1986 near 41st and Chestnut St. in Philadelphia, PA.  More info here.

Wilson, Sparky – 4/18/1990 – Pittsburgh, PA – Age 13

No details available.

VanDine, Katherine Margaret – 3/1995 – Berlin Township, PA – Age 74

Katherine was reported missing after relatives were unable to contact her.  Katherine’s son gave conflicting accounts of her disappearance, stating she had gone on a cruise, then saying she had gone to Florida.  Her family knew of no plans to take a trip.  Katherine had been pushing her son to look for a job, as she planned to sell their family-owned nursery.

Figueron, Jackalin 10/16/2002 – Chester, PA – Age 15

No details available.


5 thoughts on “List: Missing Persons with Photos Needed Pt 6

  1. There is plenty of info out there on the Sarah Hajney and Jen Bolduc murders.Their murderer took his own life in prison. they found remnants of both of the girls bodies, so I am not sure why they would still be listed as missing, as there is absolutely no questions as to what happened to them. Their pics can be found here: http://books.google.com/books?id=qhgIKMHie3kC&pg=PA122&lpg=PA121&ots=Olylr2ZeXn&dq=E.+Jean+Carroll,+spin,+the+cheerleaders#v=onepage&q=E.%20Jean%20Carroll%2C%20spin%2C%20the%20cheerleaders&f=false

  2. Thanks! I’m guessing they could still be listed as missing so that if the rest of their remains turn up, there will be someone in the ‘missing’ databases to match them to. Actually, it looks like only Sarah is listed as missing.

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