The list continues with Idaho through Michigan.

If you have, or are able to locate photos of these ladies, please send them to the Law Enforcement and/or NamUs contacts associated with their cases.   Without photos, nobody can possibly recognize them if they see them.  The lack of a photo also limits the publicity these cases can receive.

Thank you!


Johnson, Mildred Louise – May 1954 – Coeur D’Alene, ID – Age 31

She was in an abusive marriage.  She went to Spokane, WA voluntarily following a beating, but briefly returned for her son’s birthday.  Nobody has seen or heard from her since.  A neighbor later came forward and said they had seen Mildred’s husband load a rolled rug or blanket into his car, following a heated argument.  The neighbor also stated that what appeared to be a human arm fell into view.  More info here.

Rose, Nancy Dubois – 5/4/1980 – Sandpoint, ID – Age 29

No details available.

Haight, Tracy Loy – 7/15/1994 – Boise, ID – Age 31

No details available.

Tamosaitis, Patricia – 8/28/1994 – Whitebird, ID – Age 56

Probable rafting accident.


Laughlin, Diana K – 1/1/1975 – Chicago, IL – Age 24-25

Her father took Diana out one day. He returned without her and stated he had put her on a bus to Missouri.The family hasn’t seen Diana since.

Earhart, Terri Bea – 5/10/1981 – Champagne, IL – Age 23

Mother received phone call from Terri on Sunday night. She was calling from a motel in Champagne, IL. She stated she would be home on Monday, May, 11, 1981, she had a Mother’s Day present for her mother and a dress for her daughter.

Seymour, Linda H – 12/21/1982 – Northbrook, IL – Age 35

No details available.

Voitik-McHugh, Colleen M – 4/17/1994 – Joliet, IL – Age 30

No details available.


Blackburn, Kimberly Marie – 5/29/1983 – Indianapolis, IN – Age 25

No details available.

Klen, Mary Jo – 8/14/2000 – Valparaiso, IN – Age 40

No details available.


Brussow, Elizabeth Alice – 12/10/2006 – Louisville, KY – Age 43

No details available.


Banks, Brenda A – 9/10/1986 – East Baton Rouge, LA – Age 23

No details available.

Rhodes, Betty Jean – 12/1/1991 – New Orleans, LA – Age 32

No details available.

Southern, Amanda Elise – 9/18/1993 – Walters, LA – Age 28

Last seen at Driftwood Lounge on LA Highway 28.

Worsley, Caroline – 5/27/1995 – Unknown City, LA – Age 42

Was headed to Las Vegas, car was found in Arizona.

Herrington, Tonya Michelle – 6/7/1996 – Wisner, LA – Age 20

Last seen talking to a friend in a parking lot.  Car was later found, keys and purse were missing.  More info here and photos here!

Collins, Natasha Denise – 7/6/1998 – East Baton Rouge, LA – Age 31

No details available.

Kelly, Debbie – 10/1968 – Baltimore, MD – Age Unknown

Last seen working at the White Coffee Pot on Broadway and Eastern Ave.  Marvin C. Lemons confessed to her murder, however no body has been found.  More info here.

Photo Found!


Spencer, Mary Cook – 3/30/1981 – Prince Frederick, MD – Age 26

No details available.

Armstrong, Roxanna Marie – 5/31/1994 – Bladensburg, MD – Age 26

She had pressed charges against a male subject shortly before her disappearance and may have met with foul play.


Goroshko, Dorothy P – 6/4/1975 – Brighton, MA – Age 40

Last seen at Penalty Box bar in Boston’s North Station area.

Update: Photo located by blog reader!  Thank you!


Coonan, Jana – 5/29/1976 – Marshfield, MA – Age 16

Presumed accidental drowning after boating accident.

Kwiatkowski, Elaine – 5/29/1976 – Marshfield, MA – Age 20

Presumed accidental drowning after boating accident.


Strandberg, Marie – 3/24/1982 – Oronoko Township, MI – Age 46

Details unavailable.

Rosales, Guadalupe – 11/23/1982 – Alma, MI – Age 58

Lived alone and disappeared from her apartment prior to Thanksgiving.  There were rumors of a note having been located, along with a map which indicated the location of Guadalupe’s body, but investigators do not recall this occurrence.  More info here.

Burns, Theresa Lu – 9/11/1987 – Cheboygan, MI – Age 28

Presumed suicide (jump from bridge)

Arehart, Eva June – 12/26/1987 – Plainwell, MI – Age 65

Left home wearing only a nightgown.

Duncan, Debra Joyce – 9/26/1992 – Dearborn, MI – Age 35

No details available.

Najera, Terry Denise – 11/1/1996 – Detroit, MI – Age 41

Suffers from hallucinations.


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