Part 3 of my list will continue through Florida and Georgia.

If you have, or are able to get photos of any of these ladies, please send them to the contacts listed on their case.   This is very important, as it will enable people who might recognize them to provide tips on their cases – as well as increase the amount of publicity given to their disappearances.

Thank you!


Callahan, Phoebe Emiline – 6/2/1960 – Ruskin, FL – Age 44

Disappeared from mobile home.  Husband told their children that she ran off with another man, but children now suspect he may have been involved in her disappearance.  More info here.

Duggan, Alexis – 9/14/1970 – Tampa, FL – Age 19

She left her residence between the hours of midnight and 4:00 AM and has not been seen or heard from since. She left behind her ten month old daughter and did not take any personal property with her.

Huyer, Christine Teresa – 3/22/1984 – Orlando, FL – Age 24

No details available.

Mollett, Penny Ratliff – 4/1/1984 – Orlando, FL – Age 31-32

Penny’s vehicle was seen leaving her residence around 2 a.m. on April 1, 1984. She was reportedly dropped off at Orlando International Airport by a friend, but it was never confirmed whether she ever boarded a plane. She was never heard from again.
Penny left behind a 14-year-old son. There was a reported history of domestic violence with her estranged husband, with whom she was going through divorce proceedings.

Oppenheimer, Lois Fowler – 1/28/1985 – Tampa, FL – Age Age 40

Last seen leaving her home to go to an all night grocery store.

Sherman, Maureen – 5/2/1985 – Miami, FL – Age 47

No details available.

Setzer, Cheryl – 1/1/1986 – Winter Haven, FL – Age 41-42

Cheryl telephoned her daughters and arranged to pick them up at their residence. Cheryl was never met with her daughters.

Davidson, Dorothy Catherine – 8/10/1986 – Sanford, FL – Age 39

Dorothy was reported missing when she failed to show up for work at Southern Bell, where she was a technician.  Her sister went to her place of residence, and found bullet casings on the floor, a bedspread missing, and no sign of Dorothy.  Law Enforcement believes they know who is responsible for her disappearance, but have not publicly named this individual.   More information here.

Bodor, Elizabeth R – 3/22/1988 – Orlando, FL – Age 23

No details available.

Youngs, Tarnesa – 11/12/1989 – Fort Pierce, FL – Age 17

No details available.

Ramsey, Lorie A – 10/27/1989 – Seffner, FL – Age 24

No details available.

Kirkland, Margaret Eddia – 8/30/1990 – Chipley, FL – Age 34-35

No details available.

Pla, Ada R – 1/24/1991 – Miami, FL – Age 57

No details available.

Martin, Roxanne Saucer – 5/4/1991 – Orlando, FL – Age 37

No details available.

Cunningham, Bernice Morgan – 10/18/1992 – Merritt Island, FL – Age 77

Last seen at home by neighbors.  Was reported missing when she failed to show up for a planned visit to her sister’s home.  Her car was found in her driveway, but her purse was missing.  More info here.

Smith, Tracy Elaine – 10/20/1993 – Miami, FL – Age 31

No details available.

Spink, Sandra Elizabeth – 5/8/1994 – Tampa, FL – Age 29

No details available.

Roberts, Latonya Dione – 12/18/1994 – Orlando, FL – Age 22

LaTonya Roberts was last seen on the evening of Dec. 16, 1994, after using a video camera to tape one of her sisters singing the national anthem at an Oak Ridge High School athletic event.  Later that night LaTonya paged one of her sisters and said she was going to the movies and that she might also go to a nightclub. Her parents were on an overnight missionary trip with their church.  When the parents returned and learned that LaTonya had not come home (which was unusual for her), they alerted cops.  Her car was found in Eatonville on Kennedy Boulevard near Wymore Road. The door was locked, one tire was flat and the car’s alarm system was activated. Inside there were no signs of violence.  More info here.

Nesplic, Tekla – 1/4/1996 – Miami, FL – Age 80

Walked away from home without glasses or dentures.

Gaskin, Sharon – 5/27/1998 – Ft Lauderdale, Fl – Age 20

No details available.

Johnson, Clara A – 6/30/1998 – Orlando, FL – Age 46-47

Stepson said she left her residence to go to the store. She went to the bus stop, and has not been seen since.

Hagos, Hiwat Abera – 7/3/1998 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Age 31

No details available.

Bennett, Diana Campbell – 9/7/2001 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Age 29

Last seen in Ft Lauderdale with a man who is also missing.

Cowley, Mildred – 2/1/2004 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Age 52

No details available. Update: Photo located by Charley Project!

Barella, Brenda – 10/14/2006 – Oakland Park, FL – Age 15

No details available.

Piccini, Christine Carol – 11/2/2006 – Archer, FL – Age 57

No details available.

Phillips, Martha Ann – 11/10/2006 – Fort Pierce, FL – Age 34

No details available.

Valbium, Elizabeth – 11/25/2007 – Miami, FL – Age 58

No details available.


McMurphy, Mae B – 6/4/1985 – Albany, GA – Age 43

Arrived at Albany Technical Col in Albany GA for class, called her husband said she was getting a ride home and was never seen again. Ms. McMurphy was a resident of Baconton, Mitchell County, GA.

Hill, Laura – 11/5/1986 – East Point, GA – Age 30

No details available.

Mickey, Twyla Kaye – 11/30/1989 – Doraville, GA – Age 30

Twyla Mickey was last seen at a motel getting into a pickup truck.   She was living with a man named Steven Creasman, who is suspected in the 1986 homicide of his then wife, Rita.  She left a message on her parents’ answering machine on Nov. 30, 1989, saying “I’ve got to get out of here.” She asked them to pick up her son, who was being cared for by Creasman’s mother at the time.  In 1992, Belinda Norred (See below) also disappeared after becoming involved in an on-again-off-again relationship with Steven Creasman.   He has not been charged in any of their cases.  More info here.

Norred, Belinda Frances – 8/6/1992 – Acworth, GA – Age 37

Belinda was last seen arguing with her husband and left with him in her pickup truck.  A phone cord and a comforter were found to be missing from the residence.  More info here.

Washington, Lori Denise – 7/3/1997 – Greenville, GA – Age 25-26

No details available.

Gueth, Diane Marie – 6/1/2006 – Macon, GA – Age 54

Diane was last seen at approximately 6:30am leaving a hotel in the vicinity of the 4600 block of Chambers Rd. in Macon, GA. Her vehicle is also missing and is described as a silver, 1999 Toyota Rav 4 SUV with GA Lic#751SRA.  Prior mug shot can be found here.

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