Part Two of my list will cover states alphabetically from Colorado to Delaware.

If you have, or are able to locate any photos of these individuals, please contact their Namus Contact or the law enforcement agency associated with their case.

This will assist in people being able to possibly recognize the missing persons, and allow them to be profiled on more sites.

Thank you!


Reynolds, Peggy Ann – 4/4/1974 – Breckenridge, CO – Age 21

Fell overboard while rafting, body never recovered.

McCool, Beverly Jean – 2/7/1977 – Lakewood, CO – Age 50

On February 6, 1977 at approximately 9:00 p.m. Beverly McCool left her residence, located in the 8000 block of West Warren Drive, Lakewood, Colorado, to go for a walk. McCool has not been seen or heard from since.

Benson, Angelaquic Cindy – 8/31/1980 – Lakewood, CO – Age 26

On August 28, 1980 at approximately 7:30 a.m. Angelaquic Benson left her boyfriend’s residence, located in the 800 block of South Van Gordon Court, Lakewood, Colorado, in her boyfriend’s pick-up truck to look for employment. Benson called later that day and stated she would be arriving home later that day. Benson never returned to the residence. On September 3, 1980 the truck was located at the Union 76 truck stop off Ward Road and I-70.

Lilly, Patricia Ann – 10/5/1980 – Fairplay, CO – Age 43

No Details Available

Drnovsek, Stephanie Ann – 9/24/1984 – Lakewood, CO – Age 27

On September 24, 1984, Stephanie Drnovosek’s boyfriend contacted the Lakewood Police to report Drnovosek as a missing person. Drnovosek’s boyfriend last saw Drnovosek leaving their residence located near the 10600 block of West Virginia Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado on September 5, 1984. To date Drnovosek has not made contact with her family or friends.

Rohner, Georgia Lee – 11/1/1986 – Pagosa Springs, CO – Age 37

Rohner moved to Archuleta County area in 1985 and worked at a convenience store in Chama, N.M., that was owned by Pagosa resident James Mymern. Rohner then disappeared around July 1986.  Mymern, the primary suspect in the case, told authorities a number of stories about Rohner’s disappearance, including that she had left the area and traveled to California (where she had family) on a motorcycle, and that he had driven her to the airport to fly to California.  According to the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office, Mymern and another individual went to Rohner’s apartment and cleaned out her things, which included toiletries and makeup.  Mymern’s ex-wife, Patsy, told the ACSO that Mymern drove her in 2001 to a residence off of Terry Robinson Road, off of U.S. 84, where he left her in the vehicle and said he walked off into the trees and that she had an eerie feeling about Mymern’s behavior.

Pagosa Sun 10/10/10: More in article here

Wilson, Barbara – 6/13/1989 – Denver, CO – Age 21

No details available.

Gutierrez, Patricia Ann – 4/1/1989 – Pueblo, CO – Age 24

No details available.

Barnes, Gayla Jean – 7/29/1990 – Colorado Springs, CO – Age 34

Indicated she was going to Denver, and has never been heard from again.

Rooks, Martha Rye – 8/1/1991 – Fort Collins, CO – Age 55

No details available.

Kotek, Veronica Katherine – 1/1/1994 – Centennial, CO – Age 61

No details available.

Hageman, Debra – 4/14/1996 – Burns, CO –  Age 39-40

Debra Hageman was reported to have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Her vehicle had driven off Colorado River Road and ended up in the Colorado River, from the point of entry into the river the vehicel ended up down river. When the vehicle was recoved from the river, Debra wass not in the vehicle and presummed dead by CSP. Debra has not been seen or heard from since. In November of 1996 an anonymous call came into the District Attorney’s Office, the caller stated the Debra’s husband murder her and buried her in the Dostero, Colorado area.

Stevens, Angela – 7/2/1996 – Colorado Springs, CO – Age 16

No details available.

Dearemt, Julia R – 7/22/1997 – Nederland, CO – Age 25

No details available.

Mendez, Wendy Arely – 8/5/1998 – Colorado Springs, CO – Age 18

Ms. Mendez was reported missing on August 14,1998 and was last seen by her mother, Ms. Beatriz Mendez. Wendy left in a vehicle with a boyfriend and did not return. Ms. Mendez stated Wendy’s boyfriend is very violent and in the past has threatened Wendy with a gun

.Coon, Randi – 7/31/1999 – Arvada, CO – Age 14

No details available.

Wilkerson, Kathy – 4/23/2000 – Arvada, CO – Age 43

No details available.

Flores, Blanca Chanel – 6/15/2003 – Arvada, Co – Age 16

No details available.

Diroume, Aiffatoo – 1/1/2005 – Centennial, CO – Age 27

No details available.

Escobedo, April Brenda – 5/31/2005 – Canon City, CO – Age 17

No details available.


Tuccitto, Frances – 6/1/1953 – Portland, CT – Age 45

No details about disappearance available but some background can be found here.

Lisbon, Geraldine – 3/10/1977 – East Hartford, CT – Age 32

Last seen being forcibly removed from her residence by her husband.  There is an article here which contains a photo.  It is a PPV article.

Ryan, Arlene – 1/1/1983 – Old Saybrook, CT – Age 31

Arlene was last seen on North Cove Rd in Old Saybrook, CT. She may have been seen in South Florida after she was last seen in Connecticut.

Chiaramonte, Angela – 1/22/1990 – West Haven, CT – Age 39

Went missing after an argument with her mother

Kopacz, Mary Ann – 6/18/1991 – East Hartford, CT – Age 24

No details available.

Roberts, Brenda – 4/24/1999 – Hartford, CT – Age 35

There is a photo on the Hartford Police Facebook page

.White, Alexis – 7/24/1999 – East Hartford, CT – Age 14

No details available.

McCreary, Kathleen M – 3/7/2000 – New Haven, CT – Age 33

No details available.

Braun, Christina – 6/10/2001 – Norwalk, CT – Age 41

Believed to have left with a man she met on the internet.

Park, Hyungjun – 10/10/2001 – Hamden, CT – Age 29

Park was last heard from in New York City on her cell phone. She was planning on going to the Korean Consulate.

Rodriguez, Sophie – 4/25/2002 – Groton, CT – Age 19

No details available.

Larsen, Elizabeth – 8/24/2003 – Danbury, CT – Age 47

Last known to be homeless and schizophrenic.

Genera, Melissa – 10/26/2004 – Stratford, CT – Age 22

Last seen on Main St. in Bridgeport.

Diaz, Migdalia Garson – 9/6/2005 – New Haven, CT – Age 28

No details available.

Sanchez, Susan – 4/1/2007 – Middletown, CT – Age 51

No details available.

Pruitt, Krissy – 6/14/2007 – New Haven, CT – Age 20

Last known to be staying with friends.

Shapiro, Carol A – 8/31/2007 – Manchester, CT – Age 43

Left a suicide note.

Tivi, Margoth – 12/10/2007 – West Haven, CT – Age 30

Last known to be going to visit a friend on Popular St.

Ingraham, Carol – 5/20/2008 – Meridien, CT – Age 46

No details available.

Kins, Desiree – 10/20/2008 – Bridgeport, CT – Age 19

No details available.


Morton, Marion Alice – 12/30/1937 – Georgetown, DE – Age 52-53

No details available.

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