This is a list of known missing females, where there is no photo available.   Having no photo eliminates the possibility of any facial recognition being used to help locate them.

I’m putting this list out there, in the hopes that someone may have access to newspaper articles or yearbooks which might contain photos, or even personal photos of the person.  If you are able to help with access to a photo, or have information to add to their profiles, please click the “Contacts” tab on the person’s NamUs profile and send them what you can.  Thank you!

Most of these cases are on NamUs, although some are listed on Law Enforcement websites, or have been posted by family members.  My list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of ALL missing persons with no photo, but I’ve listed as many as I could find.

I am going through the states alphabetically, then listing missing persons by date missing under each state.

Part I covers Alabama through California.


Ferguson, Rebecca – 9/16/1988 – Jasper, AL – Age 32

A relative expected Ferguson to come for a visit in Birmingham that day, but she never arrived.
A new Cadillac belonging to the 32-year-old mother of two was later found on the shoulder of Alabama 257 near the Jasper community of Curry.


Jokumsen, Donna Mae – 7/5/1987 – Chandler, AZ – Age 22-23

Presumed killed by husband.   Forum discussion can be found here.

Furgeson, Pamula Sue – 1/10/1988 – Winslow, AZ – Age 23

No details available.

Jarrett, Mary Elizabeth – 2/26/1994 – Apache Junction, AZ – Age 37

No details available.

Balsano, Therese Anne – 6/1/1994 – Clarkdale, AZ – Age 28-30

Left home and joined the Church of New Endeavor in Clarkdale, AZ.

Medina, Hilda Alvarez – 1/1/2001 – Tucson, AZ – Age 43-44

No details available.


Williams, Mrytle Lee June – 11/1/1978 – Malvern, AR – Age 38

No details available.

Collins, Kay Ilene – 12/19/1978 – Mountain Home, AR – Age 33

No details available.

Potts, Janice – 8/28/1981 – Harrison, AR – Age 40

Son returned from school to find food cooking on stove, door unlocked, and mother not there.  There were no signs of a struggle.

Sabin, Dorothy – 7/28/1988 – Berryville, AR – Age 18

A female subject stated she had seen Dorothy at Howerton Apartments between 5:30 and 6:00 pm talking with three (3) subjects.

Johnson, Sheila – 1/18/1989 – Jonesboro, AR – Age 29

Reported by Social Services after she missed an appointment.  Car found abandoned in hospital parking lot.

Burns, Susan Lynn – 4/29/1989 – Mena, AR – Age 32

Husband took her to Little Rock Airport and she has not been seen again.

Smith, Sharon Kaye – 8/1/1990 – North Little Rock, AR – Age 32

Last seen at Greyhound Bus Station

Hendrix, Kimberly A – 4/7/1993 – Arkadelphia, AR – Age 26

No details available.

Littles, Lisa Ann – 9/27/1994 – Little Rock, AR – Age 28

Last seen at a park, exited vehicle to use restroom following an argument and never returned

Johnson, Donna – 12/27/1996 – North Little Rock, AR – Age 48

Per husband, was headed to country club but never arrived and was never heard from again.

Miller, Lavonne Jo – 12/6/1997 – Marmaduke, AR – Age 34

On 12/06/1997 the husband of Lavonne Miller stated she returned home from visiting a friend. Mr. Miller fell asleep on the couch and when he awoke Lavonne Miller was gone. Mr. Miller stated that a few days later someone entered the residence and took some clothing and money. Lavonne Miller has not been seen or heard from since. Post from Lavonne’s friend can be found here.

Hopper, Samantha Jean – 9/11/1998 – Russellville, AR – Age 19

Was supposed to go to a concert and has never been seen again.  8 months pregnant at the time.

Smedley, Bonnie Dean – 9/22/1998 – Little Rock, AR – Age 70

Left her residence en route to some property she owned in Muskogee, never seen again.

Guilliams, Leah – 5/11/2003 – Little Rock, AR – Age 21

Husband claims she left in car with young child.

Wright, Elizabeth Inez – 12/9/2003 – Little Rock, AR – Age 29

Elizabeth Wright was discharged from Baptist Medical Center In Little Rock and reportedly put on a bus home to Texarkana, AR. She refused to get on bus because she was to ill and has not been seen since.

Prentice, Mary Mack – 3/8/2005 – Little Rock, AR – Age 73

It appears that she has been located, per obituary here.  RIP.

Luevano-Garcia, Norma Alicia – 6/24/2005 – Fort Smith, AR – Age 25

Missing person’s husband and sister reported her missing. They stated that the missing person never goes anywhere.

Hernandez, Norma – 2/26/2006 – Little Rock, AR – Age 23

No details available.

Reed, Debra – 5/2/2006 – Little Rock, AR – Age 37

Debra Reed called her mother (Secondary Party) and stated she was lost in Little Rock and needed to find some way to get back to Dallas, Texas. A short time later the mother received a call from another secondary party (unknown relation) that stated he saw Debra Reed in Little Rock and was taking her to a bus station in Alabama. Once in Alabama he bought her a ticket to Dallas, Texas and she has not been seen or heard from since.

Morales, Sarhai – 6/24/2006 – Little Rock, AR – Age 23

Per reporting party, she left to run an errand with a male acquaintance and never returned.

Hembest, Ima – 5/3/2007 – Little Rock, AR – Age 58

Husband stated she was supposed to take bus to hair salon and has not been seen since.

Velasquez, Yesenia Colon – 5/21/2008 – Little Rock, AR – Age 20

Missing with son, Cristo Velasquez


Burns, Questa Leone – 1/1/1969 – San Bernardino, CA – Age 48

Questa has always lived in LA County/Riverside/San Bernardino Co. area. The family had not seen or heard from her since 1969.

Ashford, Katrina Iris – 7/11/1972 – San Rafael, CA – Age 19

Katrina Ashford was possibly involved in a prostitution ring in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was last seen on 07/11/1972 by her parents. Her vehicle was recovered in Marin County on 07/14/1972.

Tolbert, Barbara Ann – 6/1/1973 – Anaheim, CA – Age 22-23

No details available.

Hawkins, Marion Cornelius – 10/7/1975 – Los Angeles, CA – Age 21

On October 7, 1975 Marion Hawkins moved from Marin City, California to live in Los Angeles. Her mother (reporting party) received a letter from Hawkins saying she was living at that address. The RP received a letter from an unidentified male saying Hawkins moved out. She was never heard from again.

Silva, Evangeline Rodriguez – 7/16/1977 – Oakley, CA – Age 19

Last seen in the evening of July 16, 1977 in Brentwood Park with her younger sister Rebecca Rodriguez and Kenneth John Beltram. They had told others in the park that they were either going home to Oakley or Hogg Island. They got into Beltram’s car and vanished. Beltram was reportedly seen by his brother the next morning, who did not see the girls. In late July, Beltram’s car was reportedly seen in Concord, California by friends of Beltram. They said an unidentified white male was driving the car. The car eluded them and hasn’t been seen since.

McKinley, Teresa Lynn – 9/16/1979 – Vacaville, CA – Age 27

Teresa left residence to get away. It was believed she went to Pena Adobe Park in Vacaville. Her vehicle was found 2 weeks later at Lake Berryesa. A month before, she attempted to commit suicide.

Whitaker, Betty Lee – 3/4/1981 – Novato, CA – Age 64

Last seen in Novato hospital.

Worrell, Judy – 10/5/1981 – North Highlands, CA – Age 24

Judy received a ride from her nephew to a local Bar. He drove her to the bar and dropped her off at unknown time. She was to meet some friends and get a ride home. She has not been seen or heard from since.

Linehan, Marjorie Joan – 10/1/1982 – San Francisco, CA – Age 49

No details available.

Anderson, Jeraline Opitz – 7/24/1983 – Rancho Cordova, CA – Age 54

She was leaving her residence and said she was going to Reno, Nevada. She claimed if she had any trouble with her car, she would drive it off a cliff. She appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
On August 2, 1983, victims vehicle was discovered, abandoned at the Sugarloaf Trail in Shasta County. The MP had attempted to drive/climb a very steep hill and had failed. Instead of easily backing down, the driver simply abandoned the vehicle.
Women’s clothing and purse were on the front seat. There was evidence the MP had gotten out of the vehicle, smoked three cigarettes (Benson & Hedges brand). A short distance up the hill, she sat down and smoked another. Walked another 12 feet, ate two fruit bars. At this point the tracks ended and no further evidence was located. The MP was not found and she has not been seen or heard from since.

Scaggs, Joan Cecilia – 9/12/1983 – Santa Cruz, CA (Or Alameda County, CA) – Age 53

No details available.  NamUs profile states Santa Cruz, CA/Alameda County although Santa Cruz is not in Alameda County.

Borges, Lina Barcelos – 3/21/1984 – Santa Cruz, CA – Age 25

No details available.

Riley, Carol Ann – 4/5/1986 – San Diego, CA – Age 42

Riley was last seen by co-workers following a clinic conference at work. She spoke on the phone to her boss that afternoon at 5:30, and has not been seen or heard from since.

Simmons, Sally Jo – 9/4/1989 – San Francisco, CA – Age 15

No details available.

Breckenridge, Georgiana – 8/2/1991 – San Diego, CA – Age 45

Reporting party spoke on phone with Georgiana on 8/2/91. She expressed concern that her ex-boyfriend was in San Diego and wanted to see her. She was afraid he would harm her in some way. She disappeared shortly after that phone call.  There is an article about her case here

Davis, Angela Darlene – 6/30/1992 – San Francisco, CA – Age 23

Made plans for 4th of July and did not show.

Johnson, Deborah Kay – 7/4/1992 – San Leandro, CA – Age 40

No details available.

Gialon, Corazone – 10/8/1994 – Rancho Santa Fe, CA – Age 34

Last seen leaving work

Anderson, Carrie J – 2/5/1997 – San Diego, CA – Age 20

Last seen at Port District Office on Harbor Dr. Told her brother, that she was going to look for their sister, and never returned. All three had been in San Diego only 1 week.

Shirazy, Marizel – 12/12/1997 – Chino, CA – Age 25-27

No details available.

Marin, Ingrid – 12/28/1997 – Fontana, CA – Age 16

Likely runaway

Chism, Aretha Matthews – 1/1/1999 – Victorville, CA – Age 35

Aretha was 32 years old and living around the Victorville area when she was last seen in 1999. Her family has not seen or heard from her since


4 thoughts on “List: Missing Persons with Photos Needed Pt 1

  1. Lina Barcelos Borges who missing from Santa Cruz, California on 3/21/1984 now has a photograph on her NamUs webpage.

    But since you originally wrote this blog entry more than two years ago, you may already be aware of this by now.

  2. Marjorie Joan Linehan who is missing from Sacramento, California (your entry says San Francisco) on 10/1/82 now has a photograph on her NamUs webpage. It is interesting that under the “eye description”, it states “beautiful”.

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