UPDATE: Bonnie Ledford’s remains have been identified.  RIP Bonnie.

Bonnie Ledford, age 20, disappeared from Dedham, Maine in 1980.

This case is rather backwards.

In the majority of missing persons cases, you have a family pleading for answers.  You have the circumstances of the person’s disappearance.  The mystery is what ultimately happened to them.

In this case, law enforcement has a pretty good idea of what happened to Bonnie – but they don’t have a family to consult, and they don’t have the circumstances of how she disappeared.

Without a DNA sample from a family member, this case cannot be put to rest.

In 2001, a hunter stumbled onto a partial skull near Green Lake in Dedham.  It appeared to have been there for several years.  A further search uncovered part of a spine, and a foot as well.  The remains are believed to be of a woman in her 20’s.  Near the remains, photographs and newspapers were found, but the years of exposure to the elements rendered them useless for identification purposes.

Bonnie’s maiden name was Richardson, and she married in Michigan and moved to Dedham, Maine with her husband.   The police did talk to her husband, and learned that they had been estranged by the time Bonnie went missing.   Law enforcement stated that her husband was cooperative, but was not able to provide any information that would be useful.  There still does not appear to be any DNA on file.

Her husband married again in about 1981, and passed away in 2010.

Where is this girl’s family?

Bonnie would be 52 years old now.  Her parents, most likely, are at least in their 70’s.  It is unknown if she had siblings, or even where she grew up.  (Though her late husband was born in Detroit, MI so that’s a possibility)

I feel like this is a race against the clock, and I really hope this case, as well as the UID’s, can be resolved soon.


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One thought on “Bonnie Ledford – Found Deceased

  1. Bonnie worked with me at Dennys on 8 mile in Detroit. She lived with me for about 6 months before moving back to Maine. We knew, through her husband that she had disappeared in Maine. After that, we didn’t hear from her. So sad to find out she died.

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