Wendy Jamie Abrams-Nishikai, age 21, went missing from Berkeley, California on October 31, 1989.

This will likely be one of the shortest blog entries I ever write.

“Wendy Jamie Abrams-Nishikai was last seen in Berkeley on October 31, 1989.”

That’s all her profile says.

After digging a bit more, I learned that she had been a student at UC Berkeley, and that she had a two year old daughter at the time of her disappearance, that was left behind.

It was also Halloween.

California Department of Justice lists her as Voluntary Missing – and it doesn’t appear that anyone is looking for her.  (It’s worth noting that California DOJ lists 85 year olds with Alzheimers as Voluntary Missing.)

Various searches yield no sign of her.

I am skeptical of the idea that she’s been voluntary missing for 24 years.   If she has been, she’s done an amazing job of covering her tracks, considering that in 1989, no one saw the Internet coming.

She was 21.  She was college-educated and had a young daughter.  She has two older brothers.

Where are you, Wendy?   Are you relaxing on the beaches of Mexico, sipping margaritas, and laying low?    Were you having problems in late 1989 that were just too overwhelming to handle?   Did someone take you away from your family on that Halloween night?

Such a shame that although people care, we don’t know where to look, since there is just no information on what might have happened to you.

Come home soon, Wendy.


Charley Project


California Department of Justice

10 thoughts on “Wendy Abrams-Nishikai

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  2. I found a person by the name of Helen Nishikai (Google), living in Oakland, CA, who is the same age. Maybe she changed her name and stayed local? So weird that family wouldn’t go searching for her

  3. i knew Wendy, and she is Not voluntarily missing. She has been searched for, and information has been provided to the BPD by her friends. Leads were followed, but there was not enough evidence to arrest anyone. there are many rumors, but those who knew her know she was a good mother, loved her child and wouldn’t have left her behind. she had the support of many of us, and we would very much like to know what happened to her. we love and miss her.

    • Thank you for posting! Her case has always bothered me because there has been no publicity whatsoever and there is nothing at all about the circumstances of her disappearance. Usually there will at least be something like “She left home to go to the store and never returned” but Wendy’s profiles just say she was last seen in Berkeley and that it was Halloween.

      I had hoped this was because her husband had reported her missing but her family knew where she was and that she was safe.

      It looks like this wasn’t the case. 😦

  4. I read somewhere that they think Scott Peterson may have had something to do with these disappearances in this area as he was around during that time. They think he may have killed more women before his wife.

  5. I wonder if she was a victim of Dissociative Fugue, where she completely forgot her name (amnesia) and fled. This disorder has caused the disappearance of a number of people around the country and the world. She might recover her memories, or still think she is someone else. I mention two cases, Jody Roberts of Tacoma, Washington and Hannah Upp in New York.

    • I don’t think so. I knew Wendy and our mutual friends still talk about her. She was sane, loved, and in a relationship that was toxic. I know she wouldn’t have left home – or her daughter – by her own volition. Those of us who knew her well have our theories. Somebody else suggested Scott Peterson killed her – Ridiculous theory. He is younger than us, was not her type at all – she wouldn’t have given him the time of day.
      It’s difficult. Her daughter doesn’t know her, her ex claims innocence, and I have had heated discussions with a friend of mine who is also close to her ex. My friend and I have gone round and round, but even my friend can’t explain some of the behavior Wendy’s ex has exhibited. I just wish we could put her body to rest. She was murdered – and I hope Karma makes her killler suffer.

  6. I agree we have numerous missing persons who no one is looking for. But then it’s not against the law for adults to disappear. Also they don’t have the resources to track down everyone. Also some of them don’t use the various tools available that are available.
    Also she could have suffered a break down and developed amnesia. There is a disorder called “Dissociative Fugue”, that explains the disappearance of a number of people.
    However, the medical profession has not shared this with law enforcement. Also,how do we find someone who does not they are missing.

    • I agree completely with what you are saying however, in this instance, that is not the case. She had Friends with whom she confided in, and if they had noticed anything unusual in her behavior or speech, they would’ve spoken up long ago. If for no other reason than to pinpoint the cause of her disappearance and possibly narrow the search and find her.

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