Nancy Lynn Jason, age 18, was last seen in Bethesda, MD on July 20, 1977.

Nancy was a follower of a religious group called Divine Light Mission in 1977.    The group touted their meditation techniques as a cure for everything from drug addiction to medical ailments.  Nancy suffered from epilepsy.

Premies, as the followers were called, generally lived in group quarters, known as premie houses.   Nancy lived in the premie House in Bethesda, MD in the spring and summer of 1977.  She was being treated by premie doctors Robert Hallowitz and John Horton, as were the other 7-10 premies she resided with.  It is believed that this particular premie house catered specifically to those with medical issues.

More information about the Divine Light Mission can be found here.

Nancy was last seen as she prepared for a trip to Florida, to attend one of their meetings. The items she had packed, including her clothing, money, and camera, were left in her residence.

Nancy was known to hitchhike, although it’s unlikely that she traveled to Florida without her luggage.

Dr. Robert Hallowitz, one of the doctors who had been treating Nancy at the time of her disappearance, lost his medical license in 1993, after several female patients complained that he had sex with them.  Hallowitz reportedly told his patients that he was the “embodiment of God, on a mission to bring light and love into the world by fathering children.”  One of his patients reported that Dr. Hallowitz had warned her that patients who had displeased him in the past had met untimely deaths.

Law Enforcement is looking for information on a Caucasian man, in his 30’s, who was hanging around the premie house in 1977.  He was apparently there in an attempt to recruit members for his own following.   They would also like anyone who was at the Bethesda, MD premie house in 1977 to contact Detective Joseph Mudano, with the Montgomery County PD at joseph.mudano at montgomerycountymd dot gov.

Any premies out there who lived in Bethesda or attended a meeting in Florida in the summer of 1977?  Does anyone remember this girl?

I found this UID, located in 1979 in Prince George County, MD.  She was not the victim of an intentional crime, but was hit by a car, apparently while hitchhiking.  The victim is described as white, aged between 18-29.  The weight is way off – the UID is said to weigh 173 pounds, compared to Nancy’s 124 pounds.  I can’t help but notice a resemblance in the shape of the face, however, and I suppose it is possible to gain 50 pounds in 2 years.  We may never know if this is Nancy, however.  No DNA sample was taken from the UID, although dentals are available.   Nancy’s family has submitted DNA, but her dental records are not available.

Unless law enforcement is willing to exhume the body, this may be a dead end.



Baltimore Sun


Charley Project


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