Gloria Jean Baird, age 23, was last seen in Atlanta, Georgia in December 1969.

Gloria attended Glynn Academy in Brunswick Georgia, and was reported to have dated Navy men while in high school.

Just after completing high school, Gloria got married, and gave birth to a daughter.  In the fall of 1967, when her daughter was still an infant, Gloria left the baby with her husband, and traveled to New Orleans, LA.    She sent her husband a letter, requesting a divorce, in January 1968.  The letter was sent from 930 Jackson Ave #3, New Orleans, LA. The divorce was finalized in November 1968.

On February 4, 1969, Gloria married another man, but the marriage lasted only ten days.  A petition for divorce was granted on February 14th.  Gloria’s address on the divorce documents was in Atlanta, GA.

The man Gloria married, was later convicted of a wide array of crimes, from DUI to rape.  As far as can be found, however, his crimes did not begin until after he and Gloria were divorced.  He is now deceased.  Records show that he was incarcerated at the time of her disappearance.

In August 1969, Gloria enlisted in the army, using the surname Goodman, from her second marriage.  In December, she traveled back to Atlanta on an approved leave from the Army.   She was last seen at a party on or about December 31, 1969.

Gloria was reportedly associated with another address in New Orleans sometime in 1969, although it is unclear whether this was before or after the Atlanta address was used on her divorce papers.

Only one person who was at the party is known, and she has not been responsive to the pleas of Gloria’s daughter for help.  All contact between this individual and Gloria’s daughter have been through a third party.   She did apparently tell someone awhile back that Gloria had left the party with three men, but no additional details were provided.

Gloria’s Volkswagen Bug was found somewhere in Atlanta following her disappearance, and was returned to Gloria’s father, who held title to the vehicle.  Gloria’s father sold it to his brother, who in turn gave it to his daughter.   There was no known investigation done with regard to the vehicle, and no one in the family can remember exactly where the vehicle was located.

As a result of Gloria’s disappearance, she was classified as a deserter from the Army, and received a dishonorable discharge.

Gloria’s parents remember the FBI investigating her disappearance back in 1970, but it is unknown whether that was due to her so-called AWOL status, or if it was in regard to a missing person’s report from a family member.  The Atlanta FBI office, when contacted by Gloria’s daughter, denied having investigated her disappearance, and have been unable to provide any information.

We are looking for residents who lived at 1231 Druid St in Atlanta, or 207 N Broad in New Orleans, in 1969.   The 1231 Druid Pl address was listed on her divorce records, while her soon-to-be-ex-husband was listed at a separate address.   1231 Druid St is a 7 bedroom house (currently used as a business), according to Zillow, so it is highly doubtful that she was living there alone.

We are also attempting to make direct contact with the woman who saw Gloria at the party, the night she was last seen.   I do not want to name her here, but by viewing my sources, you can easily find it.

Gloria’s daughter has been searching for years, and longs for the day that she can finally learn what happened to her mother after she left that party in December 1969.

This song was Number One on the Billboard charts when Gloria Jean went missing:

Someday We’ll Be Together – Diana Ross & The Supremes


The Charley Project


Facebook Page for Gloria Jean

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