Julie Cunningham, age 26, vanished from Vail, Colorado on March 15, 1975.



If you Google her name, you’ll undoubtedly find thousands of hits which reference her case; hits you likely wouldn’t find, had notorious serial killer Ted Bundy not confessed to her murder.

After sifting through it all, in an effort to dissect information specific to Julie and her case, there isn’t much.  It’s mostly paraphrased versions of Bundy’s pre-execution confession, coupled with a physical description, and basic facts such as the date and town of her disappearance.

Bundy’s confession, which is the most widely published account of the fateful evening of March 15, 1975, asserts that Bundy, in his typical guise as an injured pedestrian, approached Julie as she walked alone down a road.  He claimed that he used crutches, and asked Julie to assist him with carrying his ski boots to his car, which was parked nearby.  According to Bundy, when Julie agreed to help, he made small talk with her as they walked to his Volkswagen Bug.  As Julie bent down to place the boots in the car, he knocked her unconscious with a crowbar.

Bundy was quoted in The Bundy Murders by Kevin Sullivan as saying:

I walked back toward the center of town, up the road, and I walked slowly, looking at the passerbys.” After a moment, he spotted Julie Cunningham “coming down the road, toward me, she was alone and walking on the outside of the parked cars… I used my crutch and fumbled with the boots and started to cross the street and I asked her help.  I told her that I needed a little help to get to my car, it was parked only a short distance down the road in the direction she was walking.”

There was more to his confession, which I will get to.

Bundy’s confession sounds believable.  I mean, it’s classic Bundy, from what we know.

However, this article, posted on the City of Vail website, brings Bundy’s account into question:

On March 15, 1975, Julie Cunningham, a 26-year-old seasonal Vail employee, was reported missing by a friend who stated she failed to show up at the ski school where she was employed.  Cunningham was seen by several people at a local bar the previous evening with a male she referred to as “Ted”, who said he was an attorney in Aspen.

City of Vail Article

This article insinuates that Julie had met Ted Bundy prior to her disappearance – I wonder if any of the ‘several people’ were later able to confirm that Bundy was the man Julie was seen talking to.

Disturbingly, this account seems to have a ring of truth to it as well, especially when paired with the following passage from Ann Rule’s The Stranger Beside Me.

“At twenty-six, Julie Cunningham should have had the world by the tail.  She was very attractive and she had silky dark hair, parted in the middle.  She shared a pleasant apartment in Vail with a girlfriend, and worked as a clerk in a sporting goods store and as a part-time ski instructor.  But Julie wasn’t happy.  She was searching for the one man she could really love and trust, someone to settle down with.  She’d done the ski bum bit, but she was growing out of that.  She wanted marriage and children.

Julie was not the best judge of men.  She believed their lines, and she was becoming disillusioned.  She’d heard “It’s been great.  I’ll give you a call someday” much too often.  Maybe Vail was the wrong place for her to be.  Maybe the aura of a ski town didn’t lend itself to permanent relationships.

In early March of 1975, Julie was to suffer her last heartbreak.  She thought she had met the man she wanted, and she was thrilled when he invited her to go to Sun Valley with him for a vacation.  But she’d been “dumped on” again when they reached the resort made famous by Sonja Henie movies in the thirties.  The man had never had any intention of a committed relationship, and she returned to Vail, crying and depressed.”

Ann Rule would later add, in the same book:

“On the Saturday night of March 15, Julie didn’t have a date.  She called her mother that evening, feeling a little better when she hung up just before nine.  She decided to get out of her apartment, and, wearing blue jeans, a brown suede jacket, boots, and a ski cap, headed for a tavern a few blocks away.  Her roommate was there.   She could have a beer or two.  There was always tomorrow.”

If Julie had indeed encountered a charming, handsome man who claimed he was an attorney, given her state of mind at the time, I find it logical that she would have agreed to meet him again.

Perhaps he knew she was going to be walking down that road, and waited for her – however, the crutch and ski boot ruse would have been completely unnecessary.

I realize that the question of whether or not they had met previously makes no difference in the ultimate goal of locating her, but it does cause one to re-evaluate the validity of his confession.

Ted Bundy, and media accounts, have been consistent in the statement that that Bundy buried Julie’s remains near a ‘circular drive’, north of Rifle, Colorado.

From No Stone Unturned by Steve Jackson:

“He handcuffed her and drove her 80 miles west of Vail, to a desolate spot several miles north of the town of Rifle in Garfield County.  There he raped and strangled her, then buried her body.

Bundy told the investigators that he had returned and re-buried her “a number of times.”  He described an area at the base of one of the tall buttes that rose from the valley floor.  There was a circular drive and large trees.  He said he couldn’t be more specific than that.”

From The Bundy Murders by Kevin Sullivan:

“Quickly getting onto I-70, Bundy drove for a time before exiting onto a state road, which he followed until he came to what he thought was a small lake, then he got off onto an unpaved road.  This particular setting was partially secluded by rows of Juniper trees, and these, he believed, would serve nicely for what he was planning to do.”

Detectives with cadaver dogs unsuccessfully searched one area that seemed to fit the description given by Bundy – but there are tools available now, that weren’t then.  One of those tools is Google Earth.

Bundy’s description of the terrain seems to be legitimate.  From I-70, there is a state highway that leads north to Rifle, and eventually runs right into the Rifle Gap Reservoir, which could be perceived as a small lake.  I found three spots in the vicinity that appear to be circular drives.  I am not sure which one was searched.




And an overall view of all three:


Once we get past the circular drive, and the general vicinity of the location, there are more contradictions.

From The Bundy Murders by Kevin Sullivan:

“Ted Bundy would kill Julie Cunningham shortly after arriving at this location.  Her death, however, would come only after Bundy had sufficiently toyed with her.  Having attacked her in the car, Bundy choked her until she passed out.  He then had sex with her and deliberately left the passenger door open and waited for her to wake up.  When she came to, she perceived the open door as a possible avenue of freedom (just as Bundy hoped she would) and immediately jumped out of the car and started running for the road.  But there was no one around this isolated area for miles, and after letting her run and scream for a short distance, the very athletic law student chased her down and strangled her to death.  Pulling the body under a juniper tree, he left the completely nude remains, gathered up her clothing and personal items and left the area.  Having placed everything in a large trash bag, he tossed it into a dumpster somewhere down the road.

Bundy admitted driving back to this spot all the way from Salt Lake City on two separate occasions.  On his second trip, he buried the body (or what was left of it), he said.”

From No Stone Unturned by Steve Jackson:

“From Detective Lindvall they knew that Bundy said he had pulled off the highway and driven a short distance to a circular turnaround near some large trees.  The only trees in this area were pinion pines. 

The site where they were fit those parameters, but supposedly Bundy had said that after he hauled his victim’s body out of the car, he hadn’t carried her very far.  Lindemann surveyed the area for a hundred yards from the circular drive, and didn’t see any place with enough soil to bury a body more than a foot deep.”

So, did he chase her down and strangle her as she was running for the road, or did he haul her lifeless body out of the car and carry her a short distance to her final resting place?  Or is his whole confession doubtable?

A female skull was located in Colorado sometime during the 1970’s, and it has not yet been identified.  There seems to be some confusion surrounding the circumstances of the discovery.  NamUs lists the skull with a ‘Date Located’ as 2003, however the ‘Circumstances’ tab states that the skull was found in the 1970’s.  The probable year of death is listed as between 1950-2003, which clearly doesn’t jive.  The location where the skull was located is listed as Durango, Adams County, Colorado – although Durango is in La Plata County.  Adams County is 1-2 hours from Vail, while Durango is 5-6 hours in a completely different direction.  I think it needs a second look, to determine if this female skull could be connected to Bundy’s Colorado victims.

I tried contacting the now retired Detective Lindvall via email in an attempt to find out the official position on these discrepancies, but so far have received no response.

I think it’s time to try again.  We have Google Earth, ground penetrating radar, and the ability to test the smallest of bone fragments to confirm identity.  It’s been 38 years.  Julie was not just a Bundy victim.  She was a person with family and friends.  She needs to be brought home.


The Charley Project

I highly recommend the following books, the following are links to snippets only.

“The Stranger Beside Me” by Ann Rule

“No Stone Unturned” by Steve Jackson

“The Bundy Murders” by Kevin Sullivan

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31 thoughts on “Julie Cunningham

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  2. I’m interested in finding closure in this case. My dad was adopted years ago. His real last name is Cunningham, and she looks so muc like his side of the family. Praying for closure.

  3. Hello,

    I’m the author of The Bundy Murders, and I, quite by accident, located your site. Congrats on what you’re doing here!

    As to the info about Julie Cunningham in my book, I’m assuming you already know I received this from Mike Fisher, and I was grateful to receive it. Mike was entrusting me with heretofore unpublished information, and I believe that speaks of the level of trust he had in me; a trust I never violated.

    One interesting tidbit he told me that was not in the book is this: Mike said he didn’t want to tell me or anyone where they believe her remains are today. He said her parents were still alive (this was 2007, and he said they know where this is), and he didn’t want people flocking to that location. He did mention there has been quite a bit of human encroachment in the area, and obviously, that could prove to be a problem in the future. So there is that.

    Take care,

    Kevin M. Sullivan

    • Yes, they do know the general location but a previous search long ago was unsuccessful. But the authorities are certain she’s there. And Mike did not want to reveal the exact location, and I told him that’s okay. He did say her mom and dad would prefer she remain there, left undisturbed. Very sad, isn’t it?

  4. It is very sad. I realize it’s not exactly my place to say, but I always hate to see a person eternally missing…. it’s like a state of limbo between life and death. I do wish they would search again, since there is so much more technology now.

    • Well, I think they believe the task of doing this far outweighs the benefits–she’s been in the ground a very long time. We must also remember that her parents wanted her left wherever she was buried. That said, Mike told me that construction has come closer to the area (this was in 2007-2008) and one day it could pose a problem. And of course, I have no idea what’s going on there today. I don’t even know exactly where “there” is located.

  5. Kevin, I’m a freelance journalist near Vail, Colo. Have you heard about the discovery of a skeleton during a hotel demolition here last week? I talked to Matt Lindvall, who doubts it’s Julie Cunningham based on Bundy’s confession, but Vail police have no other missing-person cases. Is it possible he didn’t take her all the way to Rifle? Here’s a story I wrote last week: http://www.realvail.com/skeletal-human-remains-discovered-lionshead-inn-demolition-site-vail/a897

    • Hi David!

      First, I look very forward to reading your article. I have an appointment coming up in a few minutes, but once that’s over, I’ll be diving right in, as it were.

      Like Matt Lindvall, I’m thinking it couldn’t be her, based on what Bundy told Mike Fisher and Matt in those last interviews. Bundy was very specific as to what He did and in my view, there wasn’t anything to be gained by the killer by telling more lies. These end-of-life interviews are very trustworthy, in my opinion. Even so, they’ll have to do DNA testing to specifically rule her out.

      If you would like to email me directly for any future contacts, you can do so at: kmsullivan12@yahoo.com

      Take care,


      • Thanks, Kevin, it seems unlikely based on everything Bundy told Fisher and Lindvall but it remains a source of angst for longtime Vail locals. We know we live along a major interstate corridor but somehow think we’re immune from real-world problems in our remote ski town, as the Vail eco-terror arson attacks in the 90s and a shooting in a local bar a few years ago demonstrated. Clearly we’re not immune, and if it’s not Julie, we have another huge mystery on our hands. Thanks for your email. I’ll contact you directly.

        • Sadly, one of the things I discovered in my research for The Bundy Murders, is how many women are murdered and how so many just go missing. And believe me, Bundy wasn’t doing them all.

          There are many evil people in our world who enjoy slaughtering women. As such, it won’t surprise me if this young woman is simply an unknown.

  6. Yes, there were a couple inconsistencies in his confession(s) about Julie so it certainly is possible that he was confused or not 100% truthful.

    I haven’t really looked into any of his other victims except somewhat into Georgann Hawkins (of Washington), because Bundy claimed that some of her remains had already been found but not identified. I haven’t been able to confirm whether any bones were actually found in the area/time he described, though. She is still listed as missing.

    I really think Vicke is a strong possibility though, especially if the professor was staying at one of those two demolished hotels. I doubt we will ever know what hotel he stayed in, though. If he did stay in one of those, he probably wouldn’t say so. And there are probably no records anymore. I envision something happening in the hotel room, and then a need to quickly get rid of evidence before going home.

    • Good for you for noticing little inconsistencies in logic throughout all of the alleged Ted cases. I didn’t take much of an interest until Idaho homicide detectives handcuffed me and jeered at me for trying to give expert victim witness testimony about the sexual assault homicide of my first husband’s third wife and a related what turned out to be still a cold case to Nevada and Arizona authorities at the time my third cousins were engaged in armed conflict with the Bureau of Land Management, I reported my Bundy’s clan’s trafficking crimes, and Idaho invented a biography for me rather than fact-check reality.

      As a rape survivor and the ex-wife of an Oregon state prosecutor, son of ex-FBI parents, who coincidentally attended the same high school as Debra Kent, after mapping some 20 years of communications failures in sexual assault homicide investigations throughout the American West, next I began to wonder if an earlier generation of law and disorder was as incompetent or corrupt as the folks staffing Idaho’s broken mental juridical health system.

      If they don’t like their taxpayer-funded paychecks, I’d feel happy to receive those contributions to my PayPal account as a tiny token of gratitude for providing expert witness testimony of state-mandated, psychotropic med-induced mass murder:


      Pro tip: Washington’s Ted Task Force leader couldn’t even be bothered to note the correct date of Georgann Hawkins’ disappearance, and this 24-hr discrepancy was transposed onto the Bureau’s 1992 Multiagency Ted Bundy “final” report.

      And now that the Bureau’s delays in investigating my expert witness testimony left on Idaho’s court record in 2014 of my 2010 conversation with a Boeing engineer led to 346 more dead in the 737 MAX crisis, that’s exponentially more than Ted allegedly killed, if we must score murder like football.

      I’m beginning to wonder if Ted was the quintessential case of never ever ever give cops permission to search your vehicle during a routine traffic stop, no matter how innocent you may feel. And perhaps the reason why his story continues to haunt and fascinate the nation.

      Like you, I don’t know much about Julie Cunningham’s story yet, but since Ted can’t have killed Sandra Jean Weaver, as he was still in Washington at the time of her disappearance from Salt Lake City, and Utah and the Bureau of that era thought whoever killed Sandra Jean also committed all the other alleged Ted cases there until Bountiful PD decided an out-of-state drug addict makes a less appealing victim than a local sheriff’s daughter, I am beginning to query the Colorado cases. Maybe you can help by asking Grand Junction whatever happened to Sandra Jean?

  7. Hello sir, There is another small circular turn off with large trees and a butte maybe 200 300 or 400 feet before the images that you took. It looks to me like the exact description. If you would like me to send you a picture of what I’m talking about let me know.

  8. At the time of the discovery of the remains of Janice and Denise a 3rd thigh bone was found. Police think this was from Hawkins, Bundy said it was Hawkins thighbone but I take very little of what Bundy ever said as gospel. Serial killers are notorious liars, they always discuss their crimes in relation to what makes THEM look like big men, in THEIR eyes of course. Killing is their livelihood as the rest of us work every day. We get proud of doing a good days work, they feel just as proud of theirs. Hard to fathom but true

  9. I worked with Julie at Pepe’s Sports in Vail Village. She was a very beautiful girl both outwardly and on the inside. We were all so concerned and confused when she didn’t show up for work. Very unlike her. But all of us in those days and at our ages were a little flakey so we just thought she had “just moved on.”. Plus there was all the hub bub of having the Fords (President at the time) shopping in the store. Hadn’t really thought much more about it until the confessions of that sick twist Bundy were revealed. Don’t really know why I thought about her now, a life time later, and googled her name. Nice to know she still is in others’ hearts and minds.

  10. I grew up in Rifle Colorado and had a dream years ago where I was just east of Rifle and came across a shallow grave. There was a female hand sticking out of the grave that had red fingernail polish on it. That is all I remember except for the location to where I was at when I found the grave. I know it sounds kind of crazy but always thought the dream was related to this story.

    In order to get to Rifle Gap, you have to go thru Rifle and it’s another 10 miles north or Rifle. Note: this is where Cristo the artist hung his famous curtain.


    The location that was in my dream was right off I-70. (Back then I-70 was diverted to highway 6&24 between Silt and Rifle). This was before it was expanded to a 4 lane highway.

    If anyone has any questions I’d be more than happy to talk about it further. This is one dream that I always wanted to find out if it holds a mystery and find closer for Julie Cunningham’s family and friends.

  11. I grew up in Rifle Colorado and had a dream years ago where I was just east of Rifle and came across a shallow grave. There was a female hand sticking out of the grave that had red fingernail polish on it. That is all I remember except for the location to where I was at when I found the grave. I know it sounds kind of crazy but always thought the dream was related to this story.

    In order to get to Rifle Gap, you have to go thru Rifle and it’s another 10 miles north or Rifle. Note: this is where Cristo the artist hung his famous curtain.


    The location that was in my dream was right off I-70. (Back then I-70 was diverted to highway 6&24 between Silt and Rifle). This was before it was expanded to a 4 lane highway.

    If anyone has any questions I’d be more than happy to talk about it further. This is one dream that I always wanted to find out if it holds a mystery and find closer for Julie Cunningham’s family and friends.

    • Hi Robert,

      Mike Fisher told me that authorities feel certain they know the approximate location of Julie’s remains, and informed her family years ago. And the family believes she is there. Mike did not want to give me the exact location, and I assured him I didn’t need it or want it as i would never publish the exact location anyway. Mike did give me a tremendous amount of info that I have used in my books about Ted Bundy, but that piece of info was not what I needed.

      Mike also said (and I may have posted this in an above comment) that commercialization of the area may pose a problem for the grave of Julie at some point in the future, and her parents were concerned about that; they would prefer she stay buried where she is today.

      Take care,


  12. Hi Kevin, thank you for taking the time to reply. When I submitted this it appeared that it didn’t upload. I respect Julie’s parents wish

    • Hi Robert…I don’t fault you or anyone who would like to know the approximate location of her remains. I am concerned about what some folks would do if they knew this info – our minds could really play with us here lol! That said, I get the interest. I remember when Mike Fisher was telling me literally everything about this abduction there was to tell, he asked me if I didn’t mind that he kept that from me, and i told him that’s fine. Had he told me I wouldn’t have published it, neither would I have told another soul about it. So I was fine with not knowing. And I think it says something about her parents that they would like her to remain undisturbed, and for their sake, i hope they get their wish. But only God knows what the next 25 or 50 years will bring to the area.

  13. Rodney Alcala (serial killer) recently died in captivity. His photographs of unidentified women contains some photos of Julie. I told CBI Missing-Persons. 8/2021

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