Heidi Balch, age 31, was reported to have gone missing from somewhere near the 3400 block of Avenue J in Brooklyn, NY on February 1, 1995.

Her severed head was located on a Hopewell Township golf course in 1989, 6 years before she reportedly disappeared.  She was apparently a victim of serial killer Joel Rifkin.

So sad.  My thoughts are with her family and friends today.

Updated: 3/26/2013


The Charley Project

The Doe Network

Trentonian 3/26/2013

4 thoughts on “Located – Heidi Balch

  1. The trentonian reports today that the severed head from on golf course in1989 has been identified as that of heidi balch.

  2. Hi, you posted this awhile ago but felt you may want this update.

    Note from Peter to all the families of the missing.

    Heidi‘s case once again proves how inaccurate information provided to authorities can greatly hinder a investigation.

    In Heidi‘s case it is a bit understandable. She was reported years later by her aunt..

    It came after some one saw a person they felt was Heidi. She was believed to have been last seen alive 6 years after she died. The age givenat te time was also off, Heidi would have been 31 in 1995 but her age was listed as being 36.

    Its not that unusual for the family of a person living a high risk lifestyle, involved with drugs or prostitution, to not report them missing for months. Shame or anger may result in that person never being reported missing at all.That seems to have been the case here.

    Sometimes even being off on the missing date by only 2 or 3 days can result in a unidentified person remaining a Jane/John Doe for decades. This happens when the police list the person as missing on the date the report was filed – not the date the person was last seen alive.

    So for long ago cases, recheck your loved ones missing person profile. Make sure all the information is accurate. And of course if you have not done so yet – make sure your loved ones DNA is on file.

    Additional update. Heidi’s torso was found in the water back in 1989 by the NYCPD, but was never entered into NCIC for some reason, recent DNA testing proved that torso was Heidi‘s. All of her remains have been recovered an identified.

    Forensic artist photo of Hopewell Township Jane Doe and articles about the trouble in identifying her.

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